Our company has established in 2000 and our capacity has reached 1000 tons/month.  We manufacture steel strucrures with 50 specialist persons at our factory has 5000 m2 area. However we have another space in Tuzla shipyard recreation area, 50 meter * 280 meter at seashore. This space can be organised according to a new investments requirement. Two things are the most important for us; quality and satisfaction of customer.

By today, our company  reached capacity of 1000 tones/month. We make manufacturings in our factory, founded in 5000 m2 field and  by our expert staff of 50 people. Beside that, in Tuzla shipyards region, our 15.000 m2 range, having 50 mt. front to the sea kept available for shipyard invesment and other potential business opportunities.

Two things are very important for us; quality and customer satisfaction...


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